Grow your social media and digital presence

We monitor your social traffic and provide advisory to manage your online presence with a complete social media marketing solution.

1. Statistical approach READABLE

PixelRice compiles all your social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Advertisements etc) presence into a single readable source. It is important to gauge and analyze where your valuable traffic flows from. By tweaking and optimizing your current strategy, we are able to improve your digital presence.

2. Social Media Marketing Management

Each Social Media platform works differently, we provide you with curated and engaging contents to increase outreach. Even if the contents are superb, the result may not be optimized. There are 2 extra things we’ve done that differ us from others,

A) Posting at the best time

Posting optimized contents during peak hours to increase your engagement.

B) Posting across multiple platforms

Running different campaigns on different platforms can be hard to track. Timely postings across different platforms are important to stay relevant.

3. PPC on different advertisement platforms (Facebook, Google, Youtube)

Plain vanilla advertisements will only cost you money, the returns are not justified. PixelRice adopts different strategy to optimize and laser target your ads to the right target audience.

4. Monthly reports on your social media growth

Digestible reports and findings will be provided. Performance on your current brand standing are easily understood.

Community reaction to post (Real-time)

Monthly reports on the social media performance will not be sufficient, we keep track of each post’s performance.

1. Active users viewing your website at any given time

ssdfrom our well connected dashboard.

2. Trending hashtag analysis

Trending hashtags on Instagram and twitter

3. Competitor Analysis (Added service)

Knowing how the competitor is doing

4. Increase your followers by drawing followers from your competitors

By reviewing competitors mentions and performance, the data provided will be sufficient to give your brand an edge. The metrics will help to gain deeper insights as to how well the competitor(s) are doing.

Constructive and engaging contents to stay relevant

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